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About FPS

The Florida Panther Society, Inc.

A non-profit environmental education and support organization for the endangered Puma concolor coryi.

Main Office: 377 NW Stephen Foster Dr., White Springs, FL 32096
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 358683, Gainesville, FL 32635-8683
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Our mission at the Florida Panther Society, Inc. is to provide a means of protection and support of the Florida Panther. We do this through educational programs and through coordinated public support of all qualified Florida panther recovery programs.


Stephen L. Williams (Founder) established the Florida Panther Society, Inc. as a 501c3 non-profit organization in February 1994 when he became aware of the need to voice community support of the panther during the Reintroduction Feasibilty Study in North Florida.

Karen C. Hill (Board Member) joined as Vice President of FPS in 1998 after participating in a community workshop on panther reintroduction held in Lake City, Florida. Karen served as President during 2004 and 2005.

FPS maintains a goal of reintroduction of the panther into appropriate portions of it historic range, as defined in the Florida Panther Recovery Plan.

FPS is volunteer run and supported by the donations of our members. Your donations go directly to our involvement in panther recovery. The Florida Panther Society works to protect panther habitat, reduce panther deaths on roads, and raise awareness of panther recovery needs through public education and outreach programs. Your support ensures that everyone involved in panther recovery will hear your voice. These endangered big cats, with no voice of their own, need all of us to speak on behalf of their needs.

Over the years FPS has been involved in the following:

  • USFWS Florida Panther Recovery Team: revision of the Florida Panther Recovery Plan (July 2001-2008)
  • National Wildlife Federation Endangered Cats of North America Report (Feb 2000, NWF)
  • Florida Panther Population and Habitat Viability Assessment and Genetics Workshop (Jun 1999, FWC)
  • Public Acceptability of Florida Panther Reintroduction Report (Jun 1998, FWC)
  • Florida Panther Reintroduction and Feasibility Study (Jul 1993 - Jun 1995, FWC)

I do hereby acknowledge my responsibility in the stewardship of the natural world of which I am a part.

I pledge my support for the care and respect of all life forms and natural systems upon which we all depend for life itself.

I will honor and protect the sanctity and goodness of air, water and earth and all of nature that exists in and upon it.

In this, I will carry before me the standard of Puma concolor coryi, a lion of the Americas and spirit of wilderness.

By my faithfulness to this pledge I will endeavor to assure the future for this great cat, and by my word and deed, prevent its extinction. I will work to preserve habitat, provide for its protection and honor its predators' right to prey.

I stand before all to give this as my pledge.

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