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Recommended Readings

MOUNTAIN LION - by Chris Bolgiano, 1995 Stackpole Books
An unnatural history of pumas and people. "Drawing on seven years of research, interviews, and extensive travel, Chris Bolgiano has recorded the compelling history of these elusive creatures, focusing on their interactions with human beings - what she calls their unnatural history."

COUGAR - by Karen McCall & Jim Dutcher, Sierra Club Books, San Francisco.
"Prepared in conjunction with an award-winning documentary of the same name, Cougar: Ghost of the Rockies reveals a year in the life of this elegant and enigmatic creature through the eyes of wildlife film-maker Jim Dutcher, writer Karen McCall and a support team."

THE FLORIDA PANTHER - by Alvin and Virginia Silverstein and Laura Silverstein Nunn, 1997 Millbrook Press.
A comprehensive book suitable for middle school children, it chronicles the Florida Panther's story, past, present and future.

THE FLORIDA PANTHER - by David S. Maehr, 1997 Island Press
David Maehr's The Florida Panther, Life and Death of a Vanishing Carnivore, is a perspective on challenges faced in research and recovery of the Florida Panther.

SWAMP SCREAMER - by Charles Fergus, 1996 North Point Press
"Charles Fergus tracks the 50 or so panthers that survive in Florida and the wildlife biologists who are trying to save them. In the course of their work, they rub shoulders with all sorts of colorful characters."

TWILIGHT OF THE PANTHER - by Ken Alvarez, 1993 Myakka River Publishing.
"The Inside Story of a Vanishing Cat. Biology, Bureaucracy and failure in an Endangered Species Program". A well documented History of the panther's plight and the politics of man.

WOLF WARS - by Hank Fischer, 1995 Falcon Press
"Hank Fischer unfolds the intriguing story of how the Yellowstone wolf was hated into extinction, how a society came to appreciate the importance of predators, how the master predators returned will send a welcome 'ripple effect' through Yellowstone's flora and fauna. And how conservationists finally prevailed in a decade long political struggle with congress, the courts and the powerful livestock industry."

SOUL AMONG LIONS - by Harley Shaw, 1989 Johnson Publishing
"Cougar, Mountain lion, Puma, Felis concolor. In this highly original book, and Arizona wildlife biologist comes to terms with the cat of many names, the elusive cougar of the American West. The fascinating details and dramatic stories of his years of studying the lion in the filed are the frame of the book "

THE WILD HEART OF FLORIDA - Edited by Jeff Ripple and Susan Cerulean, 1999 University Press of Florida.
"18 of Florida's best loved writers, Carl Hiaasen, Randy Wayne White, Al Burt, Patrick Smith, the late Archie Carr, and others here share with you their affections for Florida's wild side, the heart of a state under siege from development."