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What You Can Do

Express your support for the Florida Panther by writing political figures and agency administrators, regarding habitat preservation and re-establishing panther populations in appropriate portions of their historic range
Mail your letter to:
     US Fish and Wildlife Service, Southeast Regional Office
     Sam Hamilton, Regional Director
     1875 Century Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30345
     Ph# (404) 679-4000, Fax# (404) 679-4006

Help others become educated about the Florida Panther.
Browse our web site and see our Links and Recommended Books to learn more.

Visit National Wildlife Federation's Take Action website.
Easily email your representatives on environmental topics important to you.

Sign up free for Defenders Of Wildlife's DenAlert. Visit their website regularly to email or write your representatives about important environmental issues.

Do a school project on the Florida Panther.
Take Action with your project: have your classmates write letters to the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Send a copy or picture of your project with a brief description to FPS to be considered for our James J. Close Environmental Youth Award issued annually.

Make wildlife a family affair.
Display panther bumper stickers. Visit national and state parks where the panther lives. Watch TV programs about endangered species.

Support Land Conservation
Support wild and rural land conservation and the public and private land management practices that emphasize bio-diversity.

Speak out every chance you get.
Awareness is half the battle. Join in and support the environmental education process to raise the consciousness of the community.

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